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The Reality of Grand Theft Auto 6 on Switch What Fans Need to Know

Excitement surrounding the much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 has taken an unexpected turn as tech experts speculate that the game might not make its way to the future Nintendo Switch 2. The crux of the issue lies in potential technical limitations, a concern that has plagued the current Nintendo Switch as well.

While the GTA 6 trailer has set records and ignited fan theories, doubts have arisen about the Switch 2’s ability to handle the game’s technological demands. As we eagerly await the official details of the Switch 2, expected to launch in 2024, Digital Foundry’s experts have scrutinized the GTA 6 trailer in comparison to anticipated Switch 2 capabilities. Unfortunately for Nintendo enthusiasts, the analysis raises doubts about the seamless integration of GTA 6 on the upcoming console.

Richard Leadbetter, founder of Digital Foundry, acknowledged potential improvements in the Switch 2 but cast doubt on its ability to meet the technical demands of GTA 6, stating, “I’d love to say it would happen. I don’t think it will, realistically.” Oliver Mackenzie, a contributor to Digital Foundry, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing that the Switch 2 might fall short in supporting the intricate ray-tracing technology showcased in the GTA 6 trailer. “The Switch 2 is not going to be powerful enough to run all that ray tracing,” Mackenzie asserted.

The historical absence of GTA 5 on the original Nintendo Switch, even a decade after its launch, adds weight to the speculation. If these predictions hold true, the exclusion of GTA 6 from the Nintendo Switch 2’s library could be a significant disappointment for fans of the portable console.

PC players, too, received disappointing news as Grand Theft Auto 6 is not set to launch on PC initially. As Nintendo gears up for the rumored release of the Switch 2 in 2024, gamers anxiously await official confirmation and specifications to gauge the platform’s capabilities and potential limitations.

In the world of Grand Theft Auto, where the neon-soaked streets of Vice City beckon, the possibility of missing out on GTA 6 for Nintendo Switch 2 is a bitter pill to swallow. Only time will tell if Rockstar Games and Nintendo can bridge the technological gap, leaving fans hopeful but cautious about the future of their favorite crime-filled open-world adventure.


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