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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Adds Snowball Fight Mode, Maps, and More for CODMAS

‘Tis the season of joy and fragging as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 unwraps its holiday festivities in the form of the CODMAS event. The battlefield is transforming into a winter wonderland, adorned with holiday-themed maps, modes, and challenges that promise to spread cheer among the gaming community.

The CODMAS event, running from now until January 3, offers players the chance to dive into Santa’s Slayground—a series of eight challenges that, when conquered, unlock a sleigh-load of holiday-themed rewards, including a special weapon blueprint. As players embark on these festive challenges, they’ll traverse the snowy landscapes of two reskinned CODMAS maps: Shipmas (Shipment) and Hangover (Highrise, the beloved fan-favorite).

But the holiday cheer doesn’t stop there. CODMAS injects a dose of festive madness into popular multiplayer game modes. In the Infectious Holiday mode, infected players don the chilling undead Santa Gnaws skin in a bid to spread festive fear. For those seeking a more lighthearted experience, the Snowfight mode transforms the intense 2v2 Gunfight battles into a whimsical snowball fight, complete with a mysterious one-hit yellow snowball at the center of the map.

Zombies enthusiasts also get a taste of the holiday spirit in MWZ, with all undead foes donning Santa hats and Christmas lights. Snowballs become an essential tool for zombie-slaying, adding an extra layer of seasonal fun to the survival horror experience.

Even the battle royale juggernaut, Call of Duty: Warzone, isn’t left out in the cold. Slay Ride Resurgence takes center stage, featuring a hostile Santa Gnaws seizing control of the moving train on Warzone’s Urzikstan map. It’s a festive showdown that adds a dash of holiday chaos to the usual battle royale mayhem.

Looking ahead, the CODMAS blog post teases the upcoming Vortex mode, scheduled to go live on January 3. This hellish mode introduces three map reskins of Rust, Quarry, and Scrapyard, promising a fiery start to the new year.

For gaming enthusiasts and Modern Warfare 3 aficionados alike, the CODMAS event is a gift that keeps on giving. With Santa’s Slayground challenges, infectious multiplayer modes, and the impending Vortex mode, the holiday spirit extends well into mid-January. As Season 1 unfolds, one can’t help but wonder what Season 2 holds in store as we eagerly await the next chapter in the Modern Warfare 3 saga. Happy fragging, and may your CODMAS be filled with epic victories!


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