According to the latest news, video conferencing platform Zoom has had a blockbuster year with its stock price rising more than 500 $ due to the unprecedented surge in remote work brought by a coronavirus. Now, as per a new report from The Information, it seems, the company is looking to expand beyond workplace video chat into new territories, specifically into email and calendar services.

The report suggests that the company is already working on the email product. It might be a web email service. Zoom might start testing it as early as next year. On the other hand, the calendar app appears a time taking a goal and it is unclear whether its development has even started or not.

Both the ideas are smart avenues for Zoom to explore because companies might start bringing employees back to the office and reliance on video conferencing might decline with the initiative of  COVID-19 vaccine distributions in 2021. As of now, the company has declined to comment on this story.

Zoom’s major competitors are video conferencing platforms which are bundled as part of broader enterprise app suites. For an example, we can consider Microsoft Office 365 platform and Google Workspace bundle. Both these platforms offer a calendar, email services, along with video conferencing products.

In short, Zoom is trying not to be a single purpose platform anymore so it is looking at other avenues such as email and calendar. The Information’s report conveyed that the company is interested in building a full enterprise app suite in the future. It might offer exciting chat features and allow integrations with other apps like Asana and Dropbox.

However, it seems, the company will take slow and well informed steps by taking notes of how shift back to office work affects businesses and whether remote work remains a prominent factor in the future or not.

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