‘Subway Surfers’ Remake for PC: Supports RTX and Comes with amazing visuals

Without a doubt, Subway Surfers is one of the most famous games on Android over a billion downloads just on the PlayStore. When it comes to Android Gaming, Subway Surfers is one of the oldest titles and, still, continues to get regular updates. Sadly, this game never reached to PC Gamers. Finally, a game developer – ‘Fat Dino’, took it upon himself and made a remake of Subway Surfers for PC.

In his 8-min long YouTube video, he showed and explained how he made the whole game from nothing to a game with brilliant visuals and animations and also showed us some gameplay. Fat Dino used Unreal Engine, a free game engine developed by Epic Games, to create the game from Scratch. The game looks amazing with RTX On.

'Subway Surfers' Remake for PC: Supports RTX and Comes with amazing visuals
‘Subway Surfers’ Remake for PC

At the beginning of his YouTube video, Fat Dino creates a character and gives it important animations such as running and jumping. Later he added some more animations for jumping left, right, slide and animations to avoid obstacles and rise when a train or stairs come. But, these don’t come without bugs and errors, Fat Dino had to look for bugs and he found some and then fixed them.

After being done with the movements, he started adding different objects into the games to create surrounding and then adds different obstacles such as garbage, trains, cars and even some flying cars. Fat Dino created four different city-themed chunks (areas) in this game: A Railway Station, a Huge Bridge, a Tunnel and an actual City Street. He designed every chunk differently adding small details such as buildings, side pathways and bridges. After designing every chunk, he joined them together to repeat chunk after chunk making it an infinite loop.

He also added a dynamic cam view which improved the overall experience. Other additions included death animations, some bug fixing and a GTA-like Screen to show to points after you die.

The Game Developer ‘Fat Dino’ usually uploads all of his developed games on his official webpage. Subway Surfers remake is not available yet. In his YouTube video, he said he will soon release it on his website. So, keep checking.