YouTube Uploader lets anyone upload videos to your YouTube channel

We all know that YouTube has become the No. 1 platform in the world for content consumption. Billions of people have been watching YouTube videos day in and day out. There are millions of YouTube creators on the platform too which include individual creators as well as companies. Also, YouTube as a company is encouraging YouTube creators as well with monetization options too.

However, there is one small drawback on YouTube if you own a channel. Let’s say that you have created a YouTube channel for your company. As this is a YouTube channel for your company, there will be various uploaders on this channel.

Now, YouTube does not allow this by default. YouTube has a strict policy of only allowing the owner of a YouTube channel to upload videos. Now, that drawback will be removed as you can upload YouTube videos even if you are not the owner with a simple tool named as YouTube Uploader.

YouTube Uploader
YouTube Uploader

This tool is developed by Amit Agarwal who is the owner of a website named as Labnol. This YouTube Uploader tool basically lets you collaborate with creators on your channel. This means that anyone can upload videos on your YouTube channel if you give them the rights.

How this tool works is that you first need to create your own version of the YouTube Uploader. This obviously means that you need to connect your YouTube channel with this tool. So that the videos which are uploaded land on your channel and not on any other YouTube channel.

Now, the good part about YouTube Uploader tool is that you don’t need to have a Google Account or YouTube channel. You simply need to upload the video and write the description of the video and click on “Upload”. Once the video is uploaded, the video will go live on your YouTube channel in the next 5 minutes.

Via – Labnol Blog