YouTube has today announced something which should definitely excite you if you are a U.S. Citizen. This announcement is regarding the flagship service from YouTube, YouTube TV. In this announcement, the company said that its YouTube TV service is now available everywhere in the US. This means that you will have YouTube TV access wherever you stay in the US. As long as there is television available in that market.

In January this year, YouTube had announced that its YouTube TV service is now spread over 98% of the Television market in the country. A couple of months later, we now get the news that YouTube TV is available in 100% of the areas where there is television market. This is also important because YouTube wants people to ‘cut the cord’ with its YouTube TV service. So the company’s target of areas where there is television market makes sense.

Apart from that, we also know that the last areas which remained from YouTube TV expansion have now been covered. These areas of the US Television market were Glendive and Montana. Since those areas have been covered and YouTube TV is entirely available in US, we can now expect the team to work on enhancing the service even more.

Also, it seems that YouTube TV’s pitch of ‘cutting the cord’ seems to be working. It is estimated that YouTube TV has about 1 million subscribers at the moment. This means that a million TV subscribers have already cancelled their subscription which is not a lot but enough for YouTube TV to grow.

On the other hand, YouTube TV seems to be cheaper than traditional cable TV as well. Because YouTube TV’s subscription costs $40/month. And you get the benefit of 6 accounts per household. Add to that unlimited cloud DVR feature and it sure seems like a good deal.

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