Google launches ‘YouTube Shorts’ in India after TikTok ban

The last two weeks have not been good for TikTok. Within this small time frame, it got banned in India, and its US business was forcefully sold to Oracle. It seems that Google has been waiting for this opportunity to enter the market with a TikTok like application. Google has now launched YouTube Shorts, a short format video platform. YouTube Shorts will allow users to create short videos of up to 15 seconds and upload it on the platform.

As of now, it is reported that YouTube will be rolling out an ‘early beta’ of the new service in India with plans to make it global soon.

YouTube Shorts will be initially available within the regular YouTube app on Android and it will be available on iOS soon. It comes with a ‘multi-camera segment’ that enables creators to shoot different videos and stitch them together using a set of built-in editing tools.

In this YouTube iteration, content creators will be able to monitor the speed of their videos and add music to their videos using YouTube’s song library. Google added a nice timer like feature to it, which will enable creators to record their videos hands-free.

Google launches ‘YouTube Shorts’ in India after TikTok ban
YouTube Shorts

TikTok was mainly used to use ultra-short videos. YouTube Shorts has been specially designed to do the same. It captures short videos in portrait mode. Users can swipe vertically to go from one video to the next and discover other similar short videos.

As of now, the company promised to make more changes and introduce more features in the coming days so that it can offer a better and comprehensive experience to its users.

It must be noted that after the event of the TikTok ban in India, a couple of companies, have come out with similar offerings. Apart from small names, some big names have also popped such as Instagram Reels.