Now Control Your Smart Home Devices with Xiaomi’s Ultra Wide Band ‘Indoor GPS’

After Apple and Samsung, now Xiaomi is using Ultra Wideband Technology (UWB) as well. Xiaomi demonstrated their new technology which will allow you to control smart home devices from your smartphone.  It uses Ultra Wideband Technology to communicate with other devices available in its 500 MHz range.

Xiaomi will now make use of UWB Technology as an indoor GPS in their smartphones. With this, you will be able to operate smart devices at your place directly just from your smartphone. Xiaomi uniquely used UWB technology since this isn’t how it is used. We have seen UWB Technology being used in wireless monitors, routers and other wireless devices.

Xiaomi aims towards giving devices ‘spatial awareness’. This is achieved with the indoor GPS feature. Like a GPS, with the help of UWB technology devices connected to your Wifi network can be located exactly where they are. Not just the exact position but also the orientation of that device as well which is quite amazing. You will be able to access all the features of that device.

Now Control Your Smart Home Devices with Xiaomi's Ultra Wide Band 'Indoor GPS'
Xiaomi’s Ultra Wide Band ‘Indoor GPS’

In Xiaomi’s video, we can see how just from a smartphone various type of technologies is controlled magically. Well yeah, UWB technology can do wonders which may feel like magic. From the video, we can conclude that most smart electronics such as smart TV, lights, other smart appliances such as Speed Fan, are accessible just from your smartphone. This takes us one step closer towards the goal of full home automation.

As expected, UWB technology is playing its part in the making of future technology. Xiaomi seems ready to explore the ways to control different IoT devices wirelessly. We are probably not going to see it anytime soon in the consumer market but we can surely expect it to come in future Xiaomi devices. It will still take quite a long time to perfect it. The idea is surely worth experimenting and testing out.

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