Xiaomi, as we all know, launches various new smartphones every year. This is done not only in China but other countries too. However, Xiaomi is not just a smartphone brand which is the general feeling among the users.

Instead, Xiaomi launched a whole bunch of different products in their product line. These products include smart cookers, printers, shavers, trimmers and you name it. As part of this offering, Xiaomi has announced the launch of an all-new product in China. Now, this is a wonderfully useful product too.

The product we are talking about is a Photo Printer. There is no question that smartphones have taken over from print and other mediums of reading. However, there is still a different feeling on seeing something printed, especially precious memories. Xiaomi understands this too and has announced the launch of their Photo Printer.

This launch will take place in China and the date has been revealed too. The launch will take place under the ‘Mijia’ brand which is a sub-brand from Xiaomi. This brand is operating in China only at the moment.

The date of launch of Xiaomi Mijia Printer from Xiaomi is scheduled for December 19. This event will take place at an undisclosed venue in China on the said date. The timings for this event are also announced and the event will commence from 2:30 pm. Now, we shall talk about few features expected from the Mijia Photo Printer which is expected to be released soon.

Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer

As always, Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer is also a very minimal looking product. There is just an on/off push button at the top and nothing else on the printer. You can just send a command from your phone to the printer wirelessly to print a photo/documents and the printer will do the same for you.

The pricing of this product is not known yet but knowing Xiaomi, it will definitely be priced very competitively.

Via – Gizmo China

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