Throughout the years, with the development of technology, mobile phone photography quality has been able to rival traditional card cameras, especially in zoom. As per the latest news, with the introduction of the new periscopic telephoto lens, Xiaomi smartphones can now offer 5x and 10x optical zoom.

This afternoon, Zeng Xuezhong, vice president of Xiaomi Group and president of the mobile phone division announced at the Xiaomi Developer Conference that Xiaomi has successfully developed a Xiaomi telescopic lens technology on its own. He shared the progress of Xiaomi’s camera technology in detail.

As the name suggests, the telescopic lens telescopes the smartphone’s lens like a DSLR camera. It is very rare in the mobile phone field. It is reported that Xiaomi uses a telescopic large-aperture lens. This lens can achieve better optical results in a limited size than some professional cameras with the independently developed telescopic camera technology.

The large aperture can increase the amount of light on the phone to take pictures by 300%. Xiaomi has also introduced its new anti-shake technology, with which pictures are not only more stable but also comes with more clarity.

Xiaomi's new self developed telescopic lens technology can offer better night photos
Xiaomi’s new self developed telescopic lens technology can offer better night photos

As far as the demonstration is concerned, this telescopic lens will retract into the phone when not taking pictures and will automatically extend when taking pictures. The best part is, the whole process responds very quickly.

As per reports, Xioami has invested as much as 10 billion yuan in the R&D section this year. The company has authorized more than 16,000 patents worldwide; 55% of which has been patented in China, 45% outside China.

Xiaomi has filed more than 3,200 patents related to the 5G standard and set up 10 global R&D centers. It is being heard that the company will recruit at least 5,000 engineers next year. Apart from this, the company has also invested billions of yuans to establish laboratories around the world covering tens of thousands of square meters.

However, as of now, it is unclear when this technology will be commercially available. Some experts are considering that the new technology might be incorporated in the upcoming MIX series.

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