Xiaomi has launched yet another product which is not a smartphone in China. Technically, Xiaomi has not launched this product but it has been launched by Smartmi. However, it is to be noted that Smartmi is a partner company of Xiaomi. The latest product from Smartmi is a Car Air Purifier. You can use this Car Air Purifier inside your Car and have a pleasant environment in your Car too. However, there is one more interesting part regarding this Car Air Purifier. This Smartmi Car Air Purifier is also the cheapest Car Air Purifier available from Xiaomi yet.

Along with Xiaomi’s branding and design values, this Car Air Purifier becomes the best option for your Car. Talking about this Car Air Purifier, it has a cylindrical shape and comes in white color. Similar to all the other Car Air Purifiers, this one also gets fitted to the headrest of Car seats.

Smartmi Car Air Purifier
Smartmi Car Air Purifier

Regarding the technical features, Smartmi Car Air Purifier has a 360° air inlet design and an EPA12 filter that can filter particulate matter up to 0.3μ in size. Other than that, this Car Air Purifier has CADR value of up to 70m³/h which is a rating to evaluate the amount of air purified by the Purifier.

Now, you would want to know how the Smartmi Car Air Purifier actually purifies the air. For this, Smartmi has included high-quality DC brushless motor and a dual-fan inside this purifier which is very efficient and quiet at the same time. To power this Car Air Purifier, you need some sort of electricity.

Smartmi Car Air Purifier
Smartmi Car Air Purifier

However, you only have a Cigarette lighter inside the Car. So, this Car Air Purifier is powered by 4.5m long cigarette lighter plug. The best part about this Car Air Purifier, however, is that it is priced at ¥349 (~$51) only which is the best price for any Car Air Purifier out there.

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