Xiaomi Mijia Washing Machine Announced in China at 1999 Yuan

Xiaomi has launched a washing machine in China called Mijia Washing machine. This washing machine is available in the Xiaomi Mijia series from the company. The Mijia sub-brand is known for various consumer electronics products. Also, it is known that Xiaomi sells various products other than smartphones too.

Talking more about the Mijia Washing machine, it is a smart product. The Mijia Washing Machine has a capacity of 10kg. Now, you need to keep in mind that this is the first time ever that Xiaomi has released a washing machine.

Apart from the Xiaomi washing machine, this Mijia smart machine is a drying machine too. The capacity of the Mijia Smart Machine is 10kg and the drying capacity of the same machine is 6kg.

Xiaomi Mijia Washing machine Announce in China at 1999 Yuan
Xiaomi Mijia Washing machine

Xiaomi believes that this capacity is adequate for most households around the world. The water infusion system is configured such that the water quantity is automatically determined based on the weight of the clothes, and the accurate algorithm is used to estimate the clothes The laundry water does not get wasted as the weight value is matched.

Xiaomi Mijia smart washing machine comes with an industry-leading BLDC variable frequency motor. This washing machine has a dehydration speed of 1400 rpm. Also, Mijia washing machine supports fast washing too, same as smartphones. The Mijia smart washing machine has support for fast washing and drying too.

Xiaomi Mijia Washing machine Announce in China at 1999 Yuan
Xiaomi Mijia Washing machine Announce in China at 1999 Yua

This Xiaomi washing machine has condensing dry air technology too which can dry multiple clothes at the same time. Now, this is nothing new for existing washing machines as they can already do the same. But this condensing air also makes the clothes warm and give a feeling of clothes being ironed.

The 10kg version of the Mijia smart Washing and Drying Machine is actually priced at 2,499 Yuan ($364) but the first set of buyers will pay only 1999 yuan ($291). This means that you get a 500 Yuan discount if you buy the washing machine early.

Via – GizChina