Xiaomi has slowly but steadily dominated the wearables market as well. This is with the help of its Mi Band lineup of fitness watches which are nowadays worn by a wide majority of users. Now, one of the first advantages with the Mi Band is that it is stylish as well as cheap. Having said that, it still comes with incredible features at a much lower price than the competition. This has made the Mi Band series so popular in a very short span.

We have currently seen just three iterations of the Mi Band series and Xiaomi is going to unveil the Mi Band 4 very soon. However, Mi Band 4 is also expected to be the biggest change ever for the Mi Band lineup. Earlier, we saw that Mi Band 3 came with a 2.5D glass and an AMOLED display. But the Mi Band 4 is going to have a coloured display as well. This means that it will be the first time when a Mi Band has a display other than monochrome one.

Mi Band 4

Until now, we only had reports which claimed that Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will have a coloured display. But we now have a leak as well which shows Mi Band 4 with a coloured display. This leak makes it even more obvious that Mi Band 4 is indeed coming with a coloured display. From the leaked image, we can also see that the design of Mi Band 4 is similar to Mi Band 3 and just the display is changed.

Mi Band 4

On the inside, it is reported that Mi Band 4 will have a bigger battery. The battery size on Mi Band 4 will be 135 mAh which is an upgrade from the 110 mAh battery on Mi Band 3. Now, this is also expected because a monochrome display obviously uses less power than a coloured display.

Also, the report says that Mi Band 4 will not have to be removed from its band for charging. Currently, you have to remove the pill from band to charge your Mi Band watches.

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