Xiaomi teases its flip camera smartphone after Asus 6z launch

It is a fact that Xiaomi launches great smartphones in the mid-range segment. However, Xiaomi is also known for innovating in the smartphone industry. We saw the teaser from Xiaomi President of their foldable smartphone after Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. Now, it looks like the company is set to launch a flip camera smartphone. This comes after Asus 6z was launched in India earlier this week.

Basically, a flip camera smartphone is the one which has only one camera module which acts as rear camera in normal position. However, it flips to become the selfie camera as well. The Asus 6z had a dual camera setup on its flip mechanism. So we could get the advantage of dual selfie cameras without compromising for a notch or hole-punch. Looks like Xiaom-owned Meitu has gone one better than the Asus 6z.

Because from the teaser, it clearly looks like there will be a triple camera setup on the upcoming Meitu smartphone from Xiaomi. This means that you will get your first smartphone with a triple selfie camera setup too. Late last year, Meitu was acquired by Xiaomi and the partnership seems to be already picking up steam.

Now, the main sensor on Asus 6z was a 48MP camera and seems like Meitu will have the same camera sensor or even better. Also, there is an LED flash on its flip mechanism too for low-light conditions and flashlight usage. Apart from that, the flip mechanism on Meitu is a square module, unlike Asus 6z’s rectangular module.

Rumours suggest that the smartphone might be called as the Xiaomi Mi CC9 or CC9e and it could be powered by the Snapdragon 730 processor which indicates that it could be a mid-range offering. Also, the smartphone which is teased does not have a physical fingerprint sensor which means that an in-display fingerprint sensor is likely.