Xiaomi announces the Mi LED Smart Bulb starting at $10

Xiaomi is known to focus not only on smartphones but electronics in general. We have seen time and again that the company launches various electronic products other than smartphones. Among these products, there are TVs, fridge, AC and other products. However, Xiaomi also releases smart sneakers, smart tube lights and bulbs too. Therefore, the company has launched a new Smart LED Bulb yet again. This new bulb from Xiaomi is named as Mi LED Smart Bulb.

Xiaomi made this announcement at the ongoing MWC 2019 in Barcelona. This announcement was made in the launch event of Mi 9 as well as Mi Mix 3 5G. Xiaomi announced that their Smart LED Bulbs can be connected to WiFi as well. These smart bulbs are easily controllable by the Mi Home app. Xiaomi announced two new Mi LED Smart Bulbs at this event.

First Mi LED Smart Bulb comes with support for 16Million colours in the RGB gamut. The other Mi LED Smart Bulb just comes in one colour, White. However, the second LED bulb comes with a dimming feature. Obviously, the Mi LED Smart Bulb with just a single colour option costs half that of multi-coloured one. The Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb with single colour support is priced at 9.99 Euros. The Mi LED Smart Bulb with 16 million colour support is priced at 19.99 Euros.

Xiaomi is always known to price their products competitively. Therefore, we should expect the prices to be lower than the usual Euro-to-INR conversion for India. Moreover, we also know that Euro prices are generally more than USD prices. So we should expect the Mi LED Smart Bulb basic to start at Rs. 700 in India. The Mi LED Smart Bulb with RGB support may go all the way up to Rs. 1500 in India. However, Xiaomi hasn’t announced anything regarding the global availability of these smart bulbs.