Xiaomi has already caused a lot of disturbance in the smartphone industry already. We know that many companies have had to rethink their pricing strategy. Also, we have seen that many of the Indian brands were forced to leave the market because of Chinese brands. However, Xiaomi is currently the leading Chinese brand in India. Now, we know that Xiaomi does not fall short when it comes to innovation.

We have seen the company adopt the notch on its mid-range smartphones as well. Also, smartphones with bezelless displays are also available from Xiaomi. Earlier this year, we also saw Xiaomi CEO show a prototype of the company’s first folding phone. This means that Xiaomi has already started production of its foldable phone. However, foldable phones are costly and Xiaomi wants to see user response regarding this technology at the moment.

However, one thing that the Xiaomi smartphones are not known for is fast charging. We saw few years back that OnePlus was acclaimed for its superfast Dash Charge. Cosnsitently, OnePlus smartphones were the fastest charging smartphones in the market. However, Huawei has now added 40W fast charging to all of their latest smartphone. This is obviously more than OnePlus’ Dash Charge. However, OnePlus has also come up with Warp Charge which is capable of 50W charging speeds.

Now, Xiaomi has also started to focus on fast charging for its devices too, from the looks of things. This is because Xiaomi has demonstrated its super fast charging technology. This fast charging technology from Xiaomi charges at 100W. As seen from the demo, Xiaomi’s 100W charging technology charges from 0 to 100% in just 17 minutes. Xiaomi compared its fast charging with Oppo’s 50W fast charging technology. And obviously, Xiaomi came on top as it has double the charging speeds as compared to Oppo (or everyone else for that matter)

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