After months of waiting, fans can now finally pre-order the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. You won’t get it delivered on your doorstep anytime soon, but, after the official launch of Xbox’s next-gen consoles, you can be among the first gamers to receive it.

The Xbox Series X will be available at £449/$499, while the Xbox Series S will cost you £249/$299. With the Xbox Series X, you will receive the console itself, the controller and a High-Speed HDMI.  Users with the new console can also choose to buy 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which will cost a little less when bought along with Xbox Series X/S. Xbox Series is about to arrive for pre-order whereas the Xbox Series S is selling out fast as we expected. Pre-order Xbox Series X fast to assure that it arrives at your door just after the launch.

You can wait for the Xbox Series X whose pre-orders will start anytime soon or settle with the slightly less-powered Xbox Series S. You can save money by getting the Xbox Series S if you’re on a tight budget. But, remember the stocks will run out faster for Xbox Series X than it did for Series S.

Xbox Series X:S pre-orders start Today in US and UK
Xbox Series X:S pre-orders start Today in US and UK

If you’re waiting for the PlayStation 5, remember, stocks will run out much faster than Xbox Series X/S. Many of the PlayStation fans are controlling their temptations for the next-gen consoles and waiting for the PlayStation 5 to arrive even though there’s no fixed schedule. So, it is kinda risky to not invest in the new Xbox Series X/S.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S both are available on Amazon in the UK and US regions. Many other popular sites are selling them as well, some sites are crashing while others are running out of stock. Xbox Accessories such as Wireless Controllers and Storage Expansion Cards and Games are may run out as well so don’t forget about them.

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