Microsoft confirmed the Xbox Series X and the smallest Xbox Series S along with the full specifications for the Xbox Series X, which features a 1TB custom SSD and supports a 1 TB expansion card branded Seagate. Now, a tweet gives the pricing details of that 1TB SSD expansion card which would cost around $220.

According to picture shared on Twitter by Idle Sloth, gives a better idea about the pricing and storage expansion. We can see “XBX Seagate 1TB SSD Expansion” along with the price tag of $219. But still, we are don’t have any confirmed details about this.

Microsoft Xbox Series X SSD upgrade Price leaked - 1TB for $220!!
Microsoft Xbox Series X SSD upgrade Price leaked – 1TB for $220!!

Seagate says the Xbox Series X’s quick recovery capabilities allow players to seamlessly switch between multiple games and resume games immediately from where they were last interrupted. The speed of the expansion card and the built-in SSD is always the same.

Seagate’s expansion card website is only available in 1TB, with flash memory for custom PCIe Gen4 x 2 NVMe at a theoretical speed of 4GB/s. Even though it’s a 1TB expansion for the cost seems a bit pricey to me. Will it really worth the price? Let us know your thoughts about this leak in the comments section below!

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