We now have a very exciting update for all the gamers out there. This update is related to Microsoft’s online gaming platform known as Xbox Live. The update is that Microsoft is planning to bring Xbox Live to Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch as well. This is in addition to Windows where Xbox Live was already available. This means that we are soon going to be able to play Xbox Live cross-platform too. Now, this is a major development in the gaming industry as Xbox Live, along with Xbox, is a flagship product from Microsoft to compete with Sony’s PlayStation.

Xbox Live will now be available cross-platform

Now, it is worth noting that Microsoft has not officially announced anything related to this. However, we are getting this information thanks to a scheduled session at the upcoming Game Developers Conference. As this is a scheduled session, we can be confident that the cross-platform integration is really happening. This session is titled as Xbox Live: Growing & Engaging Your Gaming Community Across iOS, Android, Switch, Xbox, and PC. From the title, it is very clear that the Microsoft is looking to grow Xbox Live cross-platform.

Looking at the description of this scheduled session, we get to know that this session’s presenters are Xbox Principal Program Manager Jeffrey Shi and Xbox Software Engineer Ramsey Khadder. Now, this cross-platform integration will be possible with the help of an SDK. Once the game developer integrates this SDK inside the game, anyone can watch their stats and connect with other Xbox Live players on any device.

With this move, Microsoft is indicating that they are looking at games as a service. With Xbox Live cross-platform, Microsoft is sure to get a boost in sales. Microsoft already runs a subscription service called Xbox Game Pass that includes games inside the program and lets you play them. However, it should be noted that Microsoft will not bring Xbox Live to PlayStation 4, obviously.

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