As per previous reports, it seemed that Microsoft has been working on Windows 10X for quite some time. Earlier last year, the company unveiled Windox 10X along with the foldable Surface Neo laptop.

Windows 10X was supposed to launch in 2020 but the company decided to postpone the release of the operating system in order to add some polish and new features. It seems, the company is still working on it by adding new features into the mix.

WinLatest spotted that Windows 10X will come with Modern Standby support. This is a special standby mode where the PC does not completely go to sleep; instead, it will be able to use data to download updates, and refresh applications. Basically, it will be performing all tasks in the background.

Windows 10X will come with ‘Modern Standby’ feature support
Windows 10X will come with ‘Modern Standby’ feature support

Interestingly, this Modern Standby feature on Windows 10X will also enable mobile like instant on, always-on connected experience on ARM laptops. This has been officially confirmed by Microsoft’s documentation which is quietly updated recently. However, the company has made no announcements for the same as of now.

It should be noted that Modern Standby was introduced back in Windows 10. This is an expansion of Windows 8.1’s Connected Standby feature. It allows you to pick up from where you left off simply by lifting the lid of your laptop. The only condition is, you have to keep the device connected with a cellular or Wi-Fi network while it is asleep.

Note that this feature is also an essential part of Intel’s Project Athena initiative. It could be game changer for ARM-based Windows 10X laptops in the future. Specifications like a lightweight UI, instant on, always connected experience could make it a reliable replacement for tablets.

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