WhatsApp has been under scrutiny in recent times for various reasons. One of the reasons of their scrutiny is from the Indian government regarding fake news and the spread of it. We all know that India has the most amount of WhatsApp users as it has the biggest population in the world. Also, it is fair to say that all the people using WhatsApp are not updated with the news and do not fact check news before forwarding them. Therefore, the messages go viral by time and it causes the spread of fake news.

We know that WhatsApp has taken steps to curb the spread of fake news as well. One of these steps is limiting the number of messages that a user can forward in a day. However, we are also aware that WhatsApp has implemented end-to-end encryption too.

Now, this is a step which causes the spread of viruses in the form of messages even more. Because WhatsApp cannot determine who sent the message without decrypting it which is very tough. Recently, we have come to know of a WhatsApp message which has gone viral on the platform. This is a malware which is disguised in the form of giving benefits to the user.


According to the message, you have to download ‘WhatsApp Gold’ which gives hidden features. We would like to tell you that there is no such service called WhatsApp Gold. So basically the message that is going viral is a fake one. However, the concerning thing is that this message contains a virus. The link which lets you download ‘WhatsApp Gold’ is a malware link.

Therefore, once you download from this link than the virus is installed on your device and your device gets infected. We should also tell you that you should not forward this message if you receive it in order to stop spreading of this virus.

Via – The News Minute

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