WhatsApp has just made a big announcement for the iOS users. This announcement is regarding a new feature that is added to the application. With the latest WhatsApp feature for iOS, you can lock and unlock the app easily. This is because WhatsApp for iOS gets Face ID and Touch ID unlocking feature. Now, it was already rumoured that WhatsApp will add this feature. Also, the rumours have already claimed that WhatsApp for Android is also getting an option to unlock with Face. However, the problem with Android is that there is no uniform system in place for Face Unlock.

Talking about the feature, we must inform you that the feature has been added in WhatsApp for iOS v2.19.20. Therefore, you need to first download this version of WhatsApp on your iPhone. After that, you need to go into Settings of WhatsApp and enable ‘Screen Lock’ under Privacy section. Now, we already know that Apple iPhones since the iPhone X comes with Face ID. However, the iPhones before the Apple iPhone X came with Touch ID.

Thus, if you are using iPhone X or higher then you will see an option to enable Face ID. However, if you are on iPhone 8 series or lower then you will have the option to enable Touch ID. One interesting thing here is that WhatsApp will still show notifications from the app on the lock screen. This is only if you have turned on message previews. If message previews are turned on, you don’t have to enter Touch ID/Face ID for seeing the notifications.

However, you do need to input Touch ID/Face ID for opening the app. If the Touch ID or Face ID fails to register for some reason then you need to enter your PIN/Password in order to enter the application. As for Android, there is no news from WhatsApp regarding its availability.

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