WhatsApp has a big problem to solve: Child Pornography

WhatsApp is still the most popular messaging app for communication between users. We have been saying from the past several years and there is no change in this. Recently, WhatsApp rolled out various measures for user’s privacy after reports emerging of messages being read by third-party. This solution was to introduce end-to-end encryption for WhatsApp chats. This means WhatsApp chats, either personal or inside groups cannot be read by anyone else. This is due to the encryption which takes place and it is very hard to decrypt those messages.

Now, this end-to-end encryption has already come under scrutiny various times. Because WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, has said that even they can’t read the encrypted messages without decryption. Therefore, governments around the world have started to pressurize WhatsApp to remove encryption giving the reasoning of national security.

Now, there is one major issue that is an even more concerning factor due to end-to-end encryption. This is the issue of Child Pornography which is illegally being shared inside WhatsApp groups. Also, this sharing is being done without any issue due to, you guessed it right, end-to-end encryption.

Active child exploitation WhatsApp Groups
Credit: AntiToxin

Now, the sharing is one thing and it not being removed is another. WhatsApp has not provided enough manual moderation to check about this issue which is why it is spread widely. There are automatic moderators on WhatsApp but this type of content slips through those moderators.

A report from two Israeli NGOs has revealed how WhatsApp groups are being used for “Adult” sections that offer invite links to join rings of users trading images of child exploitation.

These WhatsApp groups are often named publicly as “child porn only no adv” and Children ???” or “child porn xvideos” and there is no action from WhatsApp moderators. However, it should be fairly easy for them to do so even without decryption as these are group names and not messages.

The only thing we can do is increase the number of human moderators to monitor WhatsApp groups and ban such users who involved in such activities!

Via – Tech Crunch