Recently, WhatsApp was breached by spyware which was developed by an Israeli company. This spyware would target users using the WhatsApp Calling feature. Basically, everyone who got the calls from this spyware was affected. Because this spyware would just call someone on WhatsApp and regardless of the user picking up a call or not, their account would be breached.

Now, WhatsApp found out that the spyware was developed by an Israeli company. Apparently, the company named NSO Group supplies this spyware to government officials for tracking their visitors and competitors. Reportedly, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has also complained to the civil rights organization regarding the spyware. This complaint was lodged by WhatsApp in Amnesty International.

NSO Group's spyware breaches WhatsApp

Amnesty International has now threatened NSO of revoking the export license for the company. After this, NSO Group’s owner says that they will do whatever is necessary to prevent abuse of their spyware tools. It also adds that they do not mean to undermine human rights. In its statement regarding the incident, NSO Group said that they would investigate any “credible allegations of misuse” of its technology which “is solely operated by intelligence and law enforcement agencies”.

WhatsApp also adds that they have notified the US Department of Justice to help in their investigation as well. Meanwhile, WhatsApp users are told to update their WhatsApp apps for iOS, Android and other platforms as quickly as possible. This is because the company has fixed the breach in its latest version.

Regarding the breach, it is known that the spyware was able to get full access to the end user’s phone. Once the user’s WhatsApp account was breached, the hackers can install any harmful software on the phone. Now, this can be potentially dangerous because the installed software can spy on your or even lock you out of your phone. Update your WhatsApp app to the latest version as soon as possible.

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