WhatsApp has had a track record of implementing new features to its app every now and then. However, the features don’t usually come to app right away. Rather, the company adds them to the beta channel and after feedback from beta testers, the features are added. In a similar fashion, WhatsApp is testing new Authentication features for its application.

This feature which focuses on user’s privacy and security lets you lock your WhatsApp app with fingerprint. Now, the same is also possible on iPhones via Touch ID or Face ID. However, Face Unlock on Android is not possible because of its different implementation across OEMs. Now, this is an excellent feature with which you can lock your WhatsApp. The only way to open it is with fingerprint or via your pin.

However, WABetaInfo reports that the feature has one hidden catch. And the catch is that once you enable Fingerprint authentication, you will not be able to take screenshots of chats inside WhatsApp. Now, this is a great feature in terms of user privacy but it is going to be scrutinized heavily. Because taking screenshots of WhatsApp chats is not necessarily invasion of privacy.

People tend to take screenshots of their chats to remind people about their conversations. This is simpler then reminded them about the whole thing once again. It is worth noting that the feature has not even been introduced in beta testing. And most likely outcome is that WhatsApp will stop the implementation of this feature due to public outrage. But it is a possibility that this feature might come into action as well.

Apart from this feature inspired by Snapchat, WhatsApp is also working to improve its doodles feature. The app will soon categorize doodles into Stickers and Emoji and also add search functionality to the same.

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