In recent years, the demand for electric scooters has seen an upward spike accentuated by several factors including a desire for an increasing number of persons to embrace green choices by reducing their carbon footprint. However, these e-scooters will come with their own set of challenges on the road especially during collisions with pedestrians it will lead to injuries for both the rider and pedestrian.

In order to mitigate this problem, e-scooter manufacturers are now embracing artificial intelligence technology to essentially transform the e-scooter into a smart and responsive scooter. Namely, a Swedish company named Voi, in collaboration with Luna from the Republic of Ireland is developing a system of cameras and sensors that uses AI to correctly identify what surface a scooter is riding on and the presence of nearby pedestrians.

Voi is working on AI technology for its e- scooters
Voi is working on AI technology for its e- scooters

The AI technology then uses the information in real-time to alert the rider. At some point, it might also take some actions to prevent the collision. Some of the steps that it might take to stop the collision are slowing down the speed, making an audible sound prompt, and others.

As per reports, Vio has already begun trials of the Luna technology fitted e-scooters in parts of England and the outcome has been quite impressive so it is now hoping to scale up the trial process to cover more cities. It insists that the AI algorithm is capable of being adapted into new cities.

Note that Vio is not the only company developing smart solutions to the problem of e-scooter collisions. Experts believe that incorporating such technology into the micro-mobility systems might make the e-bike unaffordable for a huge segment of its present users. On contrary, the development of e-scooter is a great leap in terms of technology and development.

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