Unicode 12.0 gets approved with 230 new emojis

We have known that emojis are a big trend nowadays. It is often seen that people share emojis as a reply to something rather than writing a detailed message. Therefore, it is seen that emojis are added every year for better communication. The authority which is responsible for developing this emojis is the Unicode Consortium. Unicode Consortium has now announced their latest version of Unicode which is v12.0. With the latest version of Unicode, there are lots of emojis being added as well.

It should be noted that both Google and Apple use Unicode emojis inside Android and iOS respectively. Therefore, we expect to see all the emojis from Unicode 12.0 in the latest version of Android and iOS. However, this may take some time because the latest version of both Android and iOS will come later this year. Talking about the new emojis in Unicode 12.0, we will see 230 new emojis with this version of Unicode.

Unicode 12.0 adds Food and Animal emojis

In Unicode 12.0, you get emojis added for animals, food and drinks. As far as animals are concerned, emojis for a guide dog, service dog, skunk, sloth, otter, and an orangutan are added. For the food emojis, we finally get emojis for waffles, falafel, butter, garlic, onion and more.

Interestingly, Unicode 12.0 also adds a white-coloured heat emoji. The most interesting emojis added to Unicode 12.0 is a yawning face and a pinching emoji. This will let you easily send an emoji to someone indicating that you are sleepy.

As for the Indian users, Unicode 12.0 has added emojis for a temple, saree and a diya lamp as well. Another India-specific emoji is the emoji of an autorickshaw. Other emoji additions include emoji for couples holding hands, man/woman in a wheelchair, mechanical arm and leg, Saturn, blood drop, parachute, axe, razor, and a kite. Note that Unicode 12.0 releases in March which means you will get Unicode 12.0 emojis on your smartphone from April onwards.

Via – Emojipedia