Like Facebook, Twitter will also remove Holocaust denying posts from its platform

According to the latest news, Twitter has announced that it will delete Holocaust denying posts among other content that diminish or deny violent acts. This development is first reported by Bloomberg. Interestingly, Titter’s move follows the footsteps of a similar decision which is recently taken by Facebook. Only last week, Facebook decided to ban holocaust denying posts.

The holocaust was a state-sponsored murder conducted by Hitler. The holocaust has killed over 6 million Jews, Romanis, and homosexual peoples. These people were murdered by the Nazis between 1933-1945. Some of the holocaust survivors revealed their horrific experience and details on how thousands of people were burned alive and buried.

Social media is a platform for everyone to speak. There is no discrimination here. Each and everyone can share their personal views or posts on whatever they want without fearing the wrath of the regulator. Recently, some people have started denying the holocaust and other such historical events. Following this, last week Facebook and this time Twitter have decided to step in and remove Holocaust denial posts from their respective platforms.

Like Facebook, Twitter will also remove Holocaust denying posts from its platform
Like Facebook, Twitter will also remove Holocaust-denying posts from its platform

It must be noted that previously Facebook declined to take down Holocaust denial posts but later reversed its policy and banned such posts. On the other hand, Twitter is reportedly working on a broader guideline to remove posts that deny any historic acts of violence.

A Twitter spokesperson said, “Our Hateful Conduct Policy prohibits a wide range of behavior, including making references to violent events or types of violence where protected categories were the primary victims, or attempts to deny or diminish such events.”

The turn of events back to back has been done with good intent. The microblogging company has established a ‘glorification of violence’ policy to take action against such types of content. It seems that social media is evolving with this kind of moderation policy. Considering the influence and power of social media this kind of moderation policy is more than welcome.

Recently, Facebook also banned anti-vax advertisements and posts. With these policies, it seems that from now on, there will be slight control over the spread of misinformation too. It is a very good thing that apart from entertainment, these social media platforms are also considering the information that the platform spreads. With this ongoing trend, we might see a handful of such policies getting introduced by these social media giants.