Turtle Beach acquires Neat Microphones

According to the latest news, in order to move beyond the gaming business segment, gaming peripheral company Turtle Beach has acquired Neat Microphones. Neat Microphones is well known for making eclectic looking desktop USB microphones that stray from the industry standard.

Neat Microphones has plenty of experience with it. Neat Microphones is the original founder of the popular brand Blue Microphones which is now acquired by Logitech.

Gaming headset maker Turtle Beach acquires Neat Microphones
Turtle Beach acquires Neat Microphones

There is no information about the valuation because Turtle Beach straightaway declined to share financial terms of the acquisition. In a press release, Turtle Beach CEO Juergen Stark said Neat Microphone’s technology will “further enhance our future industry-leading Turtle Beach and Roccat products.”

Though the deal also represents Turtle Beach’s expansion beyond gaming with “[Neat Microphone’s] broader assortment of consumer and prosumer audio products.”

It will be interesting to see whether Neat Microphones can still continue to keep their unique design ID under Turtle Beach’s ownership. Neat Microphone’s microphones have an almost Teenage Engineering-esque aesthetic. The most important thing about these microphones is their affordability.