Tula Mic is a portable microphone that offers 12 hours of continuous recording

Irrespective of what you are doing, Tula is all the last equipment that you would need to intuitively capture and record high-quality sound. With it, you can host a podcast, produce digital content, or simply attend work meetings. Tula comes equipped with advanced noise cancellation technology and the mic doubles as a mobile recorder.

As far as the design is concerned, the mic’s design is unmatched. It is a true combination of modern and nostalgic aesthetic. The Tula is specially designed for maximum ease and portability. The Tula’s base opens and closes with a premium feel. It can be detached with a simple quarter turn mechanism. The form factor of the Tula Mic is based on the golden ratio which allows maximum ease and portability.

With the Tula Mic, you will be able to effortlessly capture great audio irrespective of whether you are a professional content creator or simply someone who appreciates good sound in official meetings. The Tula Mic is a high-quality USB mic.

Tula Mic is a portable microphone that offers 12 hours of continuous recording
Tula Mic portable microphone

The Tula Mic can give you up to 12 hours of continuous recording in high quality 16 bit/48K .wav format.

Note that Tula was designed in conjunction with Red Dot Award winning industrial designers of Barcelona. Apart from this, the makers have also partnered with a well known Swedish music software company to create an embedded version of their noise reduction algorithm. Here, with just one touch, you can get rid of unwanted background noise. Tula is a thoroughly modern device featuring cutting edge audio technology.

It was founded by David Brown who is the co-owner of Soyuz Microphones, a high-end global microphone brand. Just to let you know, Soyuz is the audio choice of the likes of Coldplay, Radiohead, and many others.

The Tula Mic features Burr Brown op-amps, TI audio codecs, and high performance ECMs and it has both uni and omnidirectional capsules. Its 3.5 mm headphone jack doubles as an input for the microphone. You can also use the unidirectional capsule in conjunction with a microphone plugged into the Tula’s 3.5 mm jack. The best thing is it does not require a phone or a PC to operate.

Tula Mic portable microphone
Tula Mic portable microphone

If you are a YouTuber, you can use Tula as your primary audio source for filming videos or for direct streaming from your computer. Similarly, if you are recording outdoors, the noise cancellation feature will come in handy. You can also use it as a mobile recorder. Tula offers 12 hours of high-quality recording with one full charge. It gets charged pretty fast with the fast charge technology through USB Type C port.

As of now, Tula has been fully developed and tested. After the crowdfunding programs get completed, mass production will also begin shortly. Users who are subscribing to this crowdfunding program will get their mics soon. The company will start sending them from December onwards. It will come in a 100% recycled material box. In the box, there will be a Tula mic, a removable folding stand, a USB Type C cable, and a custom adapter to affix your Tula to standard mic stands and arms.

There are also a bunch of add on available if you are looking for premium service. As of now, the add-on options include a case, a lav mic, an adapter, and a Tula shirt.

The Tula carrying case has been perfectly designed to fit your Tula mic, stand, adapter, USB Type C Cable, and lav mic.

The lavalier mic plugs into the 3.5 mm jack. It can also be used in conjunction with the cardioid capsule to record two separate mono tracks of audio. The Tula adapter offers you a quarter-turn mechanism as the Tula stand when using other mic stands and arms.

In addition, Tula shirt is a cotton t-shirt featuring a hand-drawn Tula on the front. It is unisex and comes in sizes S, M, L, and XL. For more information on Tula Portable Mic, do check the official web campaign page.