Toyota confirms it is working on Hydrogen engine technology

According to the latest news, today, Toyota Motor Corporation announced that keeping the environmental concerns in mind, the company is working on a hydrogen engine. The company said, Toyota Corolla Sport which is all set to enter the competition under the ORC ROOKIE Racing banner at the Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field in Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture will get the engine.

Fuel cell electrified vehicles (FCEVs) like Toyota’s Mirai use a fuel cell where hydrogen chemically reacts with oxygen in the air to produce electricity. Hydrogen engines generate almost carbon dioxide when it is combusted during driving, this is why hydrogen engines are famous.  Apart from this, Hydrogen engines also promise better responsiveness because while combustion, it takes less time than gasoline engines. It seems Toyota has taken a wonderful move.

Toyota Hydrogen Engine Tech

Note that this is not the first time that Toyota has invested in innovating engine technology. The company has also refined the production of vehicles by participating in motorsports. Toyota has pledged to strengthen the safety of its cars and the drivers further by employing data accumulated through the development of fuel cell vehicles. The company also promised commercialization of the Mirai.

In simple words, Toyota is planning to expand its hydrogen infrastructure. At the same time, the company also wants to put any effort into the economic recovery of the company. The automobile manufacturer wants to ensure the revitalization of the Tohoku region.

In order to guarantee carbon neutrality, the company has come up with a hydrogen engine infrastructure and popularized FCEVs and other fuel cell-powered products.