According to the latest news, Tile is working on a new tracker that relies on ultra wideband (UWB) technology. Experts believe that this will put Tile in direct competition with Apple’s yet-to-be-announced AirTags. This was first reported by TechCrunch. The Tile tracker would go a step further than the company’s Bluetooth devices by allowing users to know more precisely where a lost item is.

Note that Apple’s AirTags have not yet been officially announced but there is already a list of potential features circulating all over the internet. One such rumoured capability is the ability to remind users if they have left an item behind or help users find lost items using augmented reality.

Tile reportedly working on a ultra wideband tracker
Tile reportedly working on a ultra wideband tracker

Lately, Samsung has also expressed interest in offering similar features so we might see Tile competing not only against Apple but also against Samsung in the coming days. Apple demoed UWB with its U1 chip in the iPhone 11. It lets users direct AirDropped files by pointing at the phone.

Ultra-wideband operates like low energy Bluetooth. It sends out low energy, short-range pulses at a high frequency that transmit wireless data. With the help of Bluetooth and your phone’s GPS, the Tile tracker can show the general location of something on a map.

Apple has been integrating UWB in iPhone 11 series with the U1 chip. Reportedly, the company is also working on placing the chip in an Apple Watch. On the other hand, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra features UWB and the company confirmed that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will also come with it.

There is no official information about the launch and availability of the Tile UWB tracker but there is a huge potential for launch in this year.

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