According to the latest news, TikTok has come to Google’s Android TV platform, marking the short video app’s latest expansion to big screens. This was first reported by 9to5Google. The app is currently on the Google Play Store, but it is not available in every region yet.

The Android TV take on TikTok looks similar to that of the TikTok app on Samsung TVs in the United Kingdom. Just like the phone app, videos play vertically in a scrollable main feed with access to specific categories of videos and your profile is also available to browse.

TikTok officially comes into Google’s Android TV
TikTok officially comes into Google’s Android TV

As per reports, many users have been running into the issue of the app not working in their region with the main exception being people downloading it in the UK. This is first reported by Android Police.

Reddit users have also run into the problem when they tried to sideload the app onto other Android TV devices. Reddit users shared their problems all over the forum. One user said the app loads, but when he tries to log in, an error pops up saying the TikTok app is not available in their region yet.

If you are interested in testing it for yourself, whether it works in your region or not, you can download the new Android TV TikTok experience from the Play Store by clicking here.

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