Tesla USB Drive records videos in Sentry Mode

According to the latest news, Tesla is giving a 64 GB flash drive wrapped in its own logo to record videos. As per Chinese YouTube channel UpCar, Tesla is reportedly providing its own storage device for recording footage through Sentry Mode / TeslaCam. So far, users had to use their own storage devices to record videos.

Just to let you know, Tesla Sentry Mode is basically a surveillance feature provided by the company to record the activities when you are not in your car. In simple words, you can consider it as a CCTV camera integrated into your electric car. Tesla has installed cameras both inside and outside the car to record events. Users will be able to view the footage on their laptops or smartphone.

However, in order to check out the videos, users have to download an app on their cell and they would also need the USB drive on which videos are stored.

Tesla USB Drive records videos in Sentry Mode
Tesla USB Drive records videos in Sentry Mode

As per Tesla, this feature will reduce theft cases and vehicle vandalism. In simple words, previously, burglars used to break windows to steal valuable items and get away without any consequences but it won’t happen any longer.

Tesla Sentry Mode will help police identify and catch thieves easily with the help of these videos. The best thing is, this feature does not consume much battery life. Note that a Tesla Model 3 can last for almost 9 days with Sentry Mode turned on.

Now, there is a chance that burglars might steal the storage devices too but Tesla has gone one step ahead to come with a solution. As per a report, Tesla has integrated the USB port location along with the glovebox in the new Model 3 update. The company has also introduced a pin for unlocking the glovebox making theft more difficult.

With due respect to all the good capabilities, the 64 GB USB drive seems to be a bit low considering the application.