Telegram adds 25 million users within three days after WhatsApp’s new policy update

According to the latest news, after the controversial policy update of WhatsApp, within the last three days, one of its rival social messaging app Telegram gained over 25 million users worldwide. This is revealed by none other than the company’s founder, Pavel Durov himself who shared this information on his official Telegram channel.

Back in 2013, Durov created Telegram along with his brother Nikolai Durov back. The official post reads, “25 million new users joined Telegram in the last 72 hours alone.”

WhatsApp has an active user base of over 2 billion. The company recently updated its privacy policy and started informing users via a pop up message. The new policy states that the platform has the right to share users’ personal information with third party apps and if they choose not to accept this policy by 8th February 8, their WhatsApp accounts will be disabled.

After rolling the update, the company clarified that mostly rumors are spreading all over the market. However, it seems users have taken it seriously and they are considering migrating to other alternative apps. One such alternative app happens to be Telegram. It offers similar features and does not share private information with third-party organizations.

Last Tuesday, Durov said Telegram has become the “last refuge” for users because “people no longer want to exchange their privacy for free services.”