According to the latest news, Walmart is in talks with India’s Tata Group over a potential investment in an upcoming super app from the Indian conglomerate and if this turns out to be true then Tata Group could launch its super app by December or January.

Mint reported that the super app is expected to bring a variety of Tata’s e-commerce offerings, including grocery, insurance, healthcare, financial services, OTT, etc. The unique thing about the app and the reason it is being speculated as a super app is that it is going to offer all these retail vehicles under one roof.

The news highlights that the American e-commerce giant is expected to funnel a whopping sum of US $ 25 billion to get a significant stake in the super app. The app is going to be a part of a Tata Sons subsidiary.

Some reports suggest that this super app is could also be a joint venture. If this is true then a possible partner of Tata Group will be Walmart’s Flipkart. Just to let you know, back in 2018, Walmart acquired Flipkart at a US $ 16 billion deal with a 66% stake. However, if this ongoing Tata and Walmart group deal turns out to be true, it would be the largest deal in the Indian retail space ever. As of now, the companies have set a deadline between December 2020 and January 2021 for the app.

Tata’s upcoming “Super App” attracts US $ 25 billion investment from Walmart
Tata’s upcoming “Super App” attracts US $ 25 billion investment from Walmart

Mint reported that their sources conveyed to them that the super app could be valued something between the US $ 50 to 60 billion. They have also revealed that Walmart has appointed Goldman Sachs as the investment banking partner to take care of the proposed deal.

If this deal turns out then this could benefit Walmart, a new name in India; and Tata Group, as a company relying on sales of homegrown goods and services. As of now, the Indian retail market is already heating up with the presence of rivals like Reliance Jio and Amazon.

Recently, we have seen Mukesh Ambani’s Jio is turning every stone it can by selling off stocks to foreign companies to raise billions of dollars. Only a couple of months ago, it cracked a number of foreign investors including Facebook. Ambani came back to news after the launch of the Jio telecom business and recently, he has been betting big on Jio’s e-commerce business which is marketed as JioMart. Within just the last four months, Jio raised around the US $ 20.2 Billion by selling its share to as many as 13 companies that include the likes of Google.

There is also news that Amazon is planning to pump as much as the US $ 2 billion in India’s telecom giant Airtel. It seems the whole retail and telecom sector of India has been attracting a lot of attention globally these days.

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