If you are a genuine observer then you must have noticed that Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are one of the coolest parts of modern technology. They have some of the most impressive AI that is currently available on the market. However, their convenient experience is lost as soon as you leave your house. This happens because Alexa is the most popular home voice assistant. If you have noticed this then you might be looking for something that is promising enough to offer you a smoother experience that will add value to your life.

Here we will discuss TalkSocket, using which will not make you ditch Alexa or Google Assistant but upgrade your voice assistant. For example, you love your voice assistant at home so ideally, why should you switch to your smartphone’s voice assistant when you step outside? TalkSocket has collaborated with two international leading mobile accessory companies PopSockets and OtterBox. PopSockets’ base and accordion design houses the TalkSocket gadget and makes it easy to attach it with any phone. It also merges perfectly with OtterBox’s Otter + Pop cases.

TalkSocket offers hands-free use of Amazon Alexa on any smartphone

TalkSocket has the potential to pair with any iOS or Android based smartphone via Bluetooth. Once paired, it provides a voice initiated and truly hands-free voice assistant experience. Interestingly, audio output can be configured to any Bluetooth speaker. TalkSocket ships with Alexa providing a true voice initiated multi assistant experience.

There is a back story with TalkSocket. Once, back in 2017, the current CEO of the company left his phone in an Uber and his phone died as, at that time, there was no way to use “find my Android”. This event triggered him to set for a mission to create a hardware solution about it. Initially, the company started with a phone case that had “find my Android” capabilities but within a few weeks, in October 2018, Amazon launched a kit that allowed companies to integrate Alexa.

In other words, Amazon filed TalkSocket’s patent prototype and changed the world with its newly launched voice assistant.

TalkSocket offers hands-free use of Amazon Alexa on any smartphone

Before we knew it, we scored a meeting with the executives at OtterBox. They were pumped about our product. Instead of a case, though, they advised us to build a device that could integrate between different phone cases to ensure optimal usability. “Think about a design closer to PopSockets to tie into our Otter + Pop collaboration,” they said.

TalkSocket Kickstarter campaign has started and you can save something between 39% to 68% with these Kickstarter deals if you opt for it now.

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