The coronavirus pandemic has made every surface we potentially touch life-threatening so companies have introduced their version of touch-free technologies to minimize physical contact. According to the latest news, a Singapore based innovation studio, Stuck Design has developed a new kind of touchless technology that mimics the pressing of a button without actually pressing it.

Stuck Design has come up with a new kind of touch-free technology that does not rely on light or sound to offer user feedback, instead, it uses motion sensors to detect a finger and react to the pushing, pulling, or sliding gestures of the finger. It sounds similar to Google’s Soli motion gesture chip found which was on Pixel 4.

Stuck Design introduces Kinetic touch less technology that mimics physical press and gestures
Stuck Design introduces Kinetic touchless technology that mimics physical press and gestures

Stuck Design wrote “With contactless interactions on the rise in the face of COVID-19, most touchless tech tends towards a static sensor with light or buzz to indicate an activated button, greatly diminishing the push-button interaction. By going beyond the expected feedback of light and sound, Kinetic Touchless provides a surprisingly delightful and yet newly familiar way to interact with contactless technology.”

Stuck Design said “Kinetic Touch less” technology aims at bringing “the human touch back to contactless tech.” As per reports, the company has already made a working prototype of the contactless button with the Kinetic Touch less technology and aims to implement them in elevators. The touch free buttons react to the motion of the finger in real time.

Note that, as of now, the Kinetic Touchless technology is just an experiment since it does not have any real world applications yet other than the working prototype of the buttons based on the said technology. We might see this technology in other kinds of touchless products or interactive places in the future.

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