Last year, in May, Spotify announced that it would be publicly testing a voice controlled smart assistant for cars. The company called it “Car Thing.” However, two years have passed but have not heard much about the project. Acceding to the latest news, a “Car Thing” with a totally new design and a bigger screen has appeared in FCC filings. As per the description in the filing, it is a “voice controlled accessory for phone/Spotify App with supporting display and buttons”.

However, the design is radically different. The new updated version of Car Thing looks almost like a mini tablet with some kind of button and a large knob. Unfortunately, we have no idea how the device actually works.  Note that a product hitting the FCC doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be released right away for the general public so we should wait for some more information before we start expecting a release.

Spotify’s Car Thing listed in FCC filings with a brand new design
Spotify’s Car Thing listed in FCC filings with a brand new design

The company said to The Verge, “Spotify is focused on becoming the world’s number one audio platform, and we’re continuing tests of a voice-controlled music and podcast device to help us learn more about how people listen to audio in the car.

While we don’t have any further news to share at this time, we’re always testing and seeking feedback from our users before rolling out new features or products broadly.”

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