Sony officially reveals details regarding the next PlayStation

Sony has not revealed much information regarding its next gaming console until now. However, that just changed last night as Sony revealed plenty of details regarding its next PlayStation. But the company is not calling it the PS5 which is expected to be its name. The lead system architect for PS, Mark Cerny, revealed various features which will be found inside the next PlayStation from Sony.

Mark Cerny gave this information in a meeting with Wired. Also, Cerny says that the next PlayStation from Sony will be a real upgrade from Sony rather than PS4’s upgrade which was the PS4 Pro. This also leaves us excited for the PS5 which will “definitely not be released in 2019”, Cerny says. However, there is a possibility that the PS5 will be released next year. Also, Microsoft’s next Xbox is expected next year as well.

For starters, Mark Cerny has said that PS5 will have high-spec SSD storage for upto 20x faster loading times. Ray tracing will also be supported with a dedicated GPU supporting it. Interestingly, PS5 will also have backward compatibility with PS4. Also, the next Playstation won’t be download only so you can still collect hard copies of games for the PS5.

Also, PS5 will be based on the third-generation AMD Ryzen processors. PS5’s GPU which will support Ray tracing will be a custom version of Radeon’s Navi line. PS5 will also support 8K display when it comes out which is a step up from the 4K support at 60Hz of the PS4 Pro. However, Cerny did not reveal the frame rate which PS5 will support for 8K displays.

Cerny also showed Wired a demo of the high-spec SSDs which will be included on the PS5. According to Wired,¬†Insomniac’s Spider-Man took 15 seconds to load on PS4 Pro whereas it was loaded in just 0.8 seconds on the PlayStation devkit which will be seen on PS5.