You will need to start saving if you want to buy a PS5 next year

We know that most of the gaming fans are waiting for Sony to announce the launch date of the next PlayStation. As you might have known by now, Sony has revealed details of its upcoming PS5. However, we have some bad news along with the revelation as well. The bad news is that Sony’s PS5 is not coming in 2019. This means that fans will have to wait at least one more year for the PS5.

Also, market analysts say that PS5 will release late in 2020 as well, if at all. This means that the most likely dates for launch of PS5 are November or December 2020. To recall the upcoming features of PS5, Sony has already said that it will be faster than ever. This is thanks to the super-fast SSDs which will be included inside the next PlayStation.

Sony PlayStation

Apart from that, Cerny had told us that PS5 would be a revolution rather than an evolution. It means that the internals and design of PS5 are going to change much more than expected. But we also know that PS5 will be backwards compatible with the PS4.

On the other hand, we also know that big upgrades come at a bigger price as well. IT looks like the same will be the case with PS5 as well. According to Twininfinite’s Yasuda, the PS5 from Sony is going to be pricier than the PS4. According to him, it is likely that the PS5 will launch next year at a price tag of $499.

At the current rate of USD to INR, we can say that the PS5 will cost you around Rs. 35,000 in India. However, we are still 18 months away from the launch of PS5 so it could cost you a lot more than that as well. In any case, PS5 is expected to be a major upgrade over PS4 and you should start saving for it.