You can no longer get refunds from Sony’s Playstation store if you have downloaded the game

Sony has just announced that they are implementing a new refund policy on its platform. Along with this, the company has put up new terms and conditions for who is entitled for a refund. The company also announced that this new refund policy is coming into action from April 1, 2019. As for the conditions, you get different terms for different type of content. It is worth mentioning that except PS Plus and PS Now, you can not get refund if you have played the game or even downloaded it to your system.

As for the pre-ordered content such as games, you can get refund as long as the pre-order has not been exceeded 14 days. This means you can get refund within the first 14-days of your pre-order and there are terms and conditions to that as well. You can not get refund for your pre-order if you have download the game or even pre-loaded it.

In case you are eligible for money back, the company will send the money back to your original mode of payment. After this policy update, Sony has recommended users to turn off the “Automatic Downloads” option so that your games are not downloaded automatically. This will make you eligible for a refund as long as you are within the 14-day timeframe.

We must add, though, that most PS users would have checked the “automatic downloads”. Because it enables them to play games as soon as they turn on the console. Rather than waiting for the game or its updates to install which hinders the gameplay.

One major change, also, is that the PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions can be refunded but the money will go into your PSN wallet. This means you cannot get the money back in your original mode of payment after this recent policy update by Sony.