According to the latest news, Sony is being sued and accused of consumer fraud over its PlayStation 5 Controller. As per reports, numerous users experienced issues with their PS5 DualSense controller and they took a class action by filing a lawsuit.

AndroidHeadlines reported that many consumers have been facing an issue with the functioning of the controller. For the last couple of months, many users have been facing an issue known as ‘drift’ where the joysticks of the controller malfunction. Malfunctioning of joysticks, in turn, causes unintentional movement or shift in camera angles without any input from the user.

As a result, the user has to face issues during gameplay due to these unwanted inputs from the faulty malfunctioning controller.

Sony faces class lawsuit over malfunctioning PlayStation 5 Controller
Sony faces class lawsuit over malfunctioning PlayStation 5 Controller

A similar kind of problem was also observed in Nintendo Switch, so users facing the issue were quick to catch on to the problem they were facing. The first reports regarding the potential Sony lawsuit appeared last week. At that time, the law firm involved was only gathering information from affected consumers and as per reports, now, they are moving forward with the lawsuit.

The law firm wishes to file a consumer fraud suit with an aim of replacing the faulty devices by Sony. Note that it does not imply that anyone and everyone who purchased a PlayStation 5 will receive a new DualSense controller for free. Only those who opted into the class action lawsuit will receive a new controller and that also if the lawsuit is successful. Moreover, the legal course will potentially attract some out of the pocket expenses.

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