Slack will respect your chosen default skin tone when you use emoji reactions

Many users are big fans of emoji reactions in Slack. Today, it seems some update has been rolled for which Slack is now grouping emoji reactions with different skin tones into one mass reaction. The company has confirmed to The Verge that it is rolling out this update to everyone.

Let us understand how it works. Assume that your colleague has dropped a Simpsons yellow Flexed Biceps emoji on a Slack message to celebrate someone’s accomplishment. Now, if your default skin tone for emoji is dark, if you mash that Simpsons-yellow Flexed Biceps emoji reaction, a dark skin tone emoji will show up alongside the yellow one and your reaction will be added.

Emoji enthusiasts are considering this small change as a huge boon for inclusivity because with this, you won’t have to pick the emoji from a set consisting of emoji’s that does not match your preferred skin tone. All you have to do is select an emoji reaction and it will post it right away with the skin tone of your settings.

Slack stated “We believe the future of work must be inclusive as it is critical to our success and that of our customers. This update to how emojis appear under messages is part of our ongoing effort to help our customers express themselves in ways that feel most authentic to their experience. Diversity, engagement, and belonging are core to our company values and we are committed to ensuring that our product reflects that.”