Samsung announces a new space-saving monitor named Space Monitor

Samsung has just announced a new monitor for Desktops and Laptops out there. However, this is not just another desktop monitor from Samsung.

The latest monitor from Samsung is a space-saving monitor from the company. This means you can use this monitor in a tight corner of your room or office too. This monitor is named as the Samsung Space Monitor. There are various space-saving features on this monitor from Samsung. The Samsung Space Monitor can fold flat against a wall or on a cubicle. This means that you don’t necessarily have to put this monitor on a stand.

There is a movable arm attached to the screen that hides cables which allows it to sit flush against a wall. As far as the Space Monitor is concerned, there are two variants of these monitor launched by the company. One is the 27-inch Quad HD version whereas the second variant is a 32-inch one with 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Samsung has also posted a video showing the working of Samsung Space Monitor. From the video, it is clear that the monitor clamps to the surface of the desk rather than sitting on a stand. If you need to work on the monitor, you can pull the arm of this monitor and bring it closer. Once the work has been finished, you can push the monitor away and it will get stuck to the wall. Once pulled, the Samsung Space Monitor looks as seen below

Samsung Space Monitor

Apart from that, Samsung Space Monitor takes care of the cable management as well. Power and HDMI cables are integrated into the arm of the Space Monitor so it looks sleek.

Now, Samsung has not revealed any details regarding the price or availability of the Samsung Space Monitor. Therefore, if you want to buy this monitor than you have to wait a little longer.

Via – Samsung News