Samsung patents a wireless charging ring which stores electricity generated from user’s movements

Over the last couple of years, smartphone batteries have greatly improved but it is still a primary cause for concern for a long day. Throughput the years, devices have become slimmer and accessories like power banks have also become more common. It seems that Samsung has an innovative idea for charging devices on the go.

According to the latest news, a recent patent filing by the company has revealed that the company might be working on a new wireless charger that can top up smartphones. In simple words, it is not like something we are accustomed to or any company has sold in the past.

The idea revolves around a charging ring that gets powered by the movement of the user. It uses a magnetic disc inside the ring which movers around when the users’ hand is in motion. When the user moves, the process generates electricity, making the tiny product a mini generator.

Samsung patents a wireless charging ring from user’s movements
Samsung patents a wireless charging ring from user’s movements

The device is also capable of transferring heat from the users’ body to generate electricity apart from just using kinetic energy alone. PhoneArena reported that Samsung is planning on having the device hold a small battery to store the generated electricity before charging your smartphones.

Note that charging the device is another interesting aspect of this patent because the user will not be plugging in the device through the USB port. This means that your finger must be in the position above where the wireless charging coils are housed.

This might be just a patent that might never become live in the commercial market, but it offers a glimpse of future electronic accessories.