For some years now, smartphone manufacturers have been constantly trying to launch a device with a full display body on the front. So far, various methods have been adopted like the pop-up camera mechanism and the punch hole selfie camera system. Now, as per recent reports, a new patent has revealed that Samsung might have discovered another new method of hiding the selfie camera in the display.

As per the report, Samsung Electronics had filed a patent with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) a few months back, in June 2020, for an ‘Electronic device including sub-display and method of operating same.’ The patent recently got approved and it was finally published on 24th December 2020.

Samsung patent describes a smartphone with an invisible selfie camera
Samsung patent describes a smartphone with an invisible selfie camera

The patent describes a smartphone with a completely hidden selfie shooter when not in use. However, the method used for this is quite a complicated one. It seems, with this unique mechanism offering, Samsung is aiming at a transparent screen where the camera is housed. A secondary display is placed directly under this transparent area. It covers the camera when it is not in use.

As of now, the immediate technology that is expected to hit the market next is the under-display selfie shooter. Since Samsung’s patented technology just got approved, it will take some time. Samsung’s method might take away the quality issue affecting devices with under-display selfie cameras.

LetsGoDigital reported that this new technology might be seen in a future Samsung flagship handset. They suggest it might be seen in Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup in 2022. All these are nothing but speculations. The company has to work on this technology with a positive intent if they really want to introduce the technology sometime soon.

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