Samsung has recently launched its first foldable smartphone in the industry. This smartphone has been named as the Samsung Galaxy Fold. And the name clearly reflects that it is a phone that can be folded. Now, we also know that the price of this smartphone is way above the flagship levels. This is because Samsung’s Galaxy Fold will be sold at a price of US $1981. On the other hand, Apple’s latest iPhone Xs starts at $999. On the other hand, Google’s latest Pixel 3 starts at $799.

This clearly indicates that the Galaxy Fold will be out of reach for most of the smartphone buyers currently. However, it does not mean that the prices will remain the same in future. We know that foldable technology is very new and it needs to mature. Once it has matured, the price of its components will come down and eventually, it will be priced much lower than its current price.

Now, we also hope that the foldable smartphones are seen in budget range too. However, there will be a lot of time before it comes true. Nonetheless, Samsung seems to have different plans regarding its foldable technology though. Samsung wants to become the primary supplier of foldable displays for the major OEMs around the world. Samsung is reportedly in talks with Google and Apple to supply its foldable technology.

According to reports, Samsung has sent samples of its foldable display to the likes of Google and Apple. This clearly indicates that Samsung wants to supply these displays in the near future. We earlier heard reports that Apple is planning a foldable iPhone by the year 2020 so it all adds up. Surprisingly, Samsung is also in touch with Huawei and Oppo about folding screens. Now, we know that Huawei also launched its Huawei Mate X which is a foldable 5G smartphone. Thus, it is quite surprising that Huawei is also looking to get supplies of foldable displays from Samsung.

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