We know that one of the biggest tech shows in the world, the CES 2019, is going on at Las Vegas. Now, there are various companies which showcase all the latest products which they will offer in the upcoming year. Among these companies is Samsung as well.

Samsung has revealed various new smartphones at the CES 2019. These smartphones include the foldable smartphone which is about to be released by Samsung too. Apart from all these smartphones, Samsung also showed their 5G prototype smartphone at CES too. It is fair to say, though, that the 5G prototype smartphone was overlooked.

Samsung gives a demo of its 5G prototype smartphone at CES 2019
Samsung 5G prototype smartphone

Nonetheless, we can now have a closer look at this smartphone from Samsung. It is known that the Samsung foldable smartphone was shown behind closed doors to select few people. However, the 5G prototype smartphone from Samsung was kept in open for everyone to see. The smartphone was even running demo mode on it but it couldn’t connect to 5G network as Las Vegas does not have a 5G network yet.

Earlier, Samsung showed their 5G prototype smartphone in South Korea too. Now, this could be the same smartphone that was showed in Korea. As for the smartphone’s look, the device has a selfie camera notch in the corner.

Samsung gives a demo of its 5G prototype smartphone at CES 2019
Samsung 5G prototype smartphone at CES 2019

On the other hand, Samsung has just revealed that the Galaxy S10 which is the latest flagship smartphone in Samsung’s lineup for this year will be launched next month. The company has announced that Samsung Galaxy S10 will be launched on February 20, a week ahead of MWC 2019.

Along with the Galaxy S10, Samsung will also launch the Galaxy F which will be the first foldable smartphone from Samsung. With the launch of the Galaxy F, we may see lots of new foldable smartphones launched by different OEMs. Also, we will see a wave of the 5G smartphone being launched very soon!

Picture Courtesy: Tech Radar

Via – PCmag

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