Some Samsung Galaxy Fold units are already getting damaged

We know that the first foldable smartphone from Samsung was released earlier this year. Samsung also announced that they will release it to consumers later this year. Now, Samsung started sending review units to media in the US for testing out the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

However, it must be said that things did not go according to plan for Samsung this time. Because it has not even been 24 hours since the reviewers received their Galaxy Fold units. And some are already reporting damaged screens to their devices.

Now, we have also been able to investigate into this reports. And from the initial impressions, it has been found that there might not be a severe issue with Samsung Galaxy Fold units. Rather, it is just a case of Samsung not giving proper instructions on how to use these devices.

The Verge's damaged Samsung Galaxy Fold unit
The Verge’s damaged Samsung Galaxy Fold unit

There is a plastic covering on the upper layer of Samsung Galaxy Fold displays sent out to all the reviewers. However, some of them removed that film which was not supposed to be removed.

This meant that they already broke half the display and it was not supposed to be folded after that. However, they did fold the device and this made the units to break. However, the videos created by the reviewers confirm that Samsung did not clearly mention that the film is not supposed to be removed.

Since the issue has gone viral now, Samsung has released a statement saying that they “will thoroughly inspect these units” which are damaged. Now, some of these units are indeed damaged due to removal of the film on top of the display.

However, some or at least one of the units broke or got damaged even when the film was not removed. Now, this also raises a question of whether Samsung will ship this product next week if there is an issue found the device. Also, this will surely make some people cancel their pre-order or even re-consider their buying decision.